Heat pipes

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As existing heat pipe technologies must be significantly improved in order to face new challenges in electronics cooling, Metafoam enhances heat pipe capillary force with its unique metal foam wick. Initial prototypes tested by external laboratories already show a 100% increase in performance compared to conventional screen mesh wicks.

Metafoam's wicking structure proposes a higher capillary force because of the presence of very small pores in the foam's microstructure and a higher permeability than sintered powders. Metal foam heat pipes are thus able to manage more heat in any orientation. Metal foams can also be easily bonded to various structures like rods and plates allowing the production of cylindrical and flat heat pipes without damaging the wick structure and maximizing thermal conductivity. This process also allows the elimination of loose particles from its wicks, leading to considerably lower clean-up time while simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing the associated costs.

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